People can suffer from gastrointestinal illnesses while in a hospital or nursing home setting.

    LacPro produces a delicious drinkable yogurt called ProBioMax™ that contains the patented (US Patent #7,901,925) probiotic strain Lactobacillus delbrueckii spp. bulgaricus B-30892 (LDB B-30892).

    We invite you to take the LacPro™ Challenge and find out if it can improve your improve patients’ lives and reduce the total cost of health care in your hospital or long-term care facility*.


    Probiotic Nutrition to Support Gastrointestinal Health while Taking Antibiotics

    ProBioMax™ is a ready-to-drink functional food intended for hospital patients and healthcare residents who are under medical supervision*.

    • Slightly sweetened with a delicious real vanilla flavor
    • Tastes great when blended with fruit or other flavorings
    • For tube or oral feeding – may be diluted with normal saline
    • For supplemental or sole-source nutrition (especially as a breakfast meal replacement)
    • Not for parenteral use
    • Intended for use under medical supervision*


    • No side effects
    • Lactose reduced – Less than 0.05%. Safe for people with lactose intolerance. Not for use by individuals with a true milk (casein) allergy.
    • Low carb – 19g per 8 fl. oz.
    • Contains at least 35 billion units of Lactobacillus delbrueckii spp. bulgaricus B-30892 (LDB B-30892) at the time of consumption.  LDB B-30892 is toxigenic to pathogenic gut bacteria.


    • Case Size: 4 Half-Gallon Milk Cartons, 8.5” x 8.5” x 10”
    • Case Weight: 16 lbs

    Storage Life

    • Frozen: 6 months
    • Thawed unopened: 40 days at 32-40 deg. F
    • After opening: 7 days


    • Daily serving size: 8 oz
    • Number of Servings per Half Gallon Carton: 8

    Take the LacPro™ Challenge

    Phase 1 – 15 Person/30 Day Supply with Money-Back Guarantee

    ProBioMax™ is a ready-to-drink functional food intended for hospital patients and healthcare residents who are taking antibiotics.

    • Fill out a survey to help us qualify you for the LacPro™ Challenge.
    • If you qualify, you can purchase at our Early Adopter Pricing, a 30 day supply of ProBioMax™ for 15 people staying at your hospital or health care facility with a money-back guaranty.
    • You provide us feedback to about how ProBioMax™ worked out for you.
    • ProBioMax ships frozen in half-gallon milk cartons with a 6 month shelf-life.  Each half-gallon serves a single person for 8 days.

    Phase 2 – Early Adopter Pricing Extension

    • We continue to sell you ProBioMax™ for persons at your hospital or healthcare facility in any quantity you desire at Early Adopter Pricing, if you qualified for the discount, for the term of the LacPro™ Challenge agreement.
    • No other obligations apply.

    About LacPro Industries

    LacPro is an innovative probiotic biotechnology company, that has focused on researching, developing, and commercializing functional food products to address gastrointestinal (GI) ailments.

    Our drinkable yogurt, ProBioMax™, is based upon our powerful, patented, and beneficial probiotic strain, LDB B-30892, that supports GI tract health in patients and long-term care residents.

    We are focused on the well-being of patients, long-term care residents, and reducing total health care expenditures.


    LacPro was founded in 1998 by Dr. Gregory G. Bojrab, a Fort Wayne native and practicing internist, when he was diagnosed with an  gastrointestinal disease that did not respond to the prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.  In order to find a solution, Dr. Bojrab researched the cause of his disease and found that researchers were publishing journal articles that stated an abnormal mixture of gastrointestinal bacteria played a role in the disease. In the meantime, most of the drugs under development were directed toward improving existing therapeutic molecules and their delivery systems to block the immune system’s inflammation processes rather than correcting the bacterial imbalance. Dr. Bojrab reasoned that his condition could be managed by a probiotic that corrected the altered bowel flora, if the right strain(s) were found.

    He tried to manage his condition with commercially available yogurts but none proved to be effective.  Through his research, Dr. Bojrab identified and isolated a safe strain of bacteria, LDB B-30892, and developed a drinkable yogurt that helped him manage his remission for 12 years.  Through his practice, clinical trials, and observational studies, he has seen surprising and consistent success in patients with other intestinal conditions, even those who had not responded solely to traditional therapies.

    Because of Dr. Bojrab’s personal success as well as the success of his patients, in October 2005, the company formally launched operations to research, develop and commercialize products containing the company’s patented LDB B-30892 strain.

    Serving Suggestions:

    Just pour it into a glass and serve it right out of the carton.

    Pouring milk into a glass from a carton 115812930

    Stir in flavored syrup

    Chocolate smoothie with wafers151522109

    Serve cold with flavorings or fruit blended in.

    Blueberry smoothie 149710167

    Stir in powdered flavorings

    Green tea smoothie small 160083764

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